**Exciting news!! The Seattle Super Nanny is now The Seattle Baby Whisperer! 

My Experience

Consulting Services


  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Multiples
  • Sleep
  • Parent education 


  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus in Child Development
  • Master's degree in Psychology with a focus in Family Systems.
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • National Nanny Training Day: Seattle. 2014  & 2015
  • Mommycon 2015
  • Babyfest NW Workshop Host "Keys to Helping Baby Sleep", 2016

My name is Amber and I've worked with children for the past 15 years. I began babysitting at the age of 12 and after graduating high school at 16, I began working as a nanny. Since then, I have worked with multiples, large families, children with behavioral issues as well as food allergies, preemies, high profile clients, and I have traveled with families both domestically and internationally. As a nanny, I've come to respect and value families and the dynamics between parent and child. Because I enjoyed working with families, I chose to continue my education. I wanted to further understand the dynamics between parent and child, as well as understand the developmental aspects of a baby's behavior. I have become quite passionate about the 0-2 stage with regards to development and behavior and truly enjoy helping parents understand their baby or toddler. 

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"My 7 month old daughter was waking every 3 hours at night to nurse. I tried two different sleep training methods and tips from friends, but nothing seemed to work. After working with Amber for a few weeks and incorporating her training program into my daughters daily routine, she is now sleeping through the night (almost 12 hours straight)!"